Down again… Crossing the top of Kuikkapää hill, we had a descent ahead and enjoyed the only tree less time… at least for about two hours. Download the GPX file here: Length Ascent Descent Duration 7.07 km 165 m 496 m 2:02 h

Kuikkapää Hill – Anterinmukka

Off track up the hill Leaving Jyrkkävaara with a good “breakfast”, our daily objective was walking towards Kuikkapää hill (which in Lapland is actually one of the highest “mountains”). There is actually no “route” available to get there, so we followed Muorravaarakanjoki until we got a creek turning left towards […]

Jyrkkävaara – Kuikkapää Hill

Finding the start After landing at the small airport of Ivalo in northern Finland, we were invited to visit some Finish friends in a holiday cottage near Nurjulahti (Lemmenjoki National Park). It was a fabulous (re-)introduction into Finish culture! From smoking freshly caught fish in a traditional hut, a boat […]

Raja-Jooseppi (Lutto River Bridge) – Jyrkkävaara

Liderenhuette towards Muotathal
It was again time for our yearly two day trek through the Swiss alps. This time, central Switzerland was the target region, more exactly the Lidernenhuette. The trek started in Muotathal in the canton of Schwyz and ended in Flüelen in the canton of Uri, with the SAC hut in […]

Trekking through the Lidernen

Living on the river
Yesterday, I was honoured to be guided through the Mekong Delta by some Vietnamese friends. Hiring a private bus and travelling on our own, this was a real authentic adventure! We started at 5:30 in the morning to drive the two hours to Cái Bè, where we switched to the […]

Mekong Delta

SIA A380
Once just a short daily summary of my first day to and back in HCMC, with some short insights (I’m too tired for anything else): 07:30 CESTLeaving a friends home to catch the bus to the train to the plane 11:50 CEST Boarding the plane in Zurich, destined for Singapore, […]

Thirty-one hours